2nd Global Summit on Food and Nutrition


The 2nd Global Summit on Food and Nutrition, to be held in Prague, Czech Republic on August 24-25, 2020 will aim to multiply the understanding we have of the relation between Food and Nutrition and its consequences on public health in accordance with its theme Analysing The Effect of Modern Food Choices on Humans.

Sessions and TracksTrack 1: Food & Eating Disorders: Irregularity in diet results in eating disorders. Commonly, there are two types of such disorders – anorexia & bulimia. While anorexia involves eating too little, bulimia is caused due to overeating. These disorders are effected upon by mental health, with fear of gaining weight resulting in anorexia. Bulimia, on the other hand, occurs to people who binge eats, mostly junk food. This too has mental implications as the affected individual has no control over themself to prevent overeating. Eating disorder results in poor health due to discrepancies in the diet. Anorexic people are severely under-weigh…